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Regarding the concept of so called "evolution." · 7:12pm Feb 21st, 2016

This website was created by a scientist or scientists with credible doctorates. They cannot be dismissed as frauds or idiots.

Evolution requires miracles as much as Christianity does to be true, e.g. the rise of living matter from dead, non-living matter. Of course, the naturalistic tendencies of evolution denies miracles, and, in so doing, helps deny itself.


Regarding the so-called "New Age" movement · 8:36pm Jan 30th, 2016

The supposed "New Age" movement isn't new at all. All it does is tack new names on things like occultism, spiritists, mediums, and other demonic influences. All around America and the world, people turn to psychics, self-called witches, to fortunetellers, palm readers, and do things like use Ouija boards and blood pacts. Not only do these people do these things, they reject the Pure ways of the God who made us all and provided for us salvation through Christ, who died to save us from these and

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