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204010 Aye! I'm on it, Cap'n!

Ahh, Quagga. It's been a while. I have another favor to ask of you:

Still Breeze is making a picture of Blaze and Ivory for me on his DeviantART account. Thing is, he doesn't any pictures to work with. So, I re-took the pictures of Blaze and Ivory in hopes that you would get them to him. Could you do that, please? Thank you.

Ah. Don't worry if I'm offended, homie. I know you mean well.

And quite a chapter it was! I couldn't even work up a rhyme for it.

176885 :twilightoops:Please don't take that the wrong way, bro. I'm not telling you to stop, just asking that you don't make every single comment a rhyme.

chapter 19 is up, just in case you didn't see it already.

Very well. For you friend, I'll chill.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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