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There's nothing really to know about me, I'm just another community member. I am in fact Asian, but my dad never bothered to teach me any language other than english. I am currently still in school.


Sorry guys... · 5:45am Feb 11th, 2014

I guess I've been dead for awhile, I haven't had any time or motivation to write any of the new chapters for anything. I'm gonna be quite honest here, I've lost interest, but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop writing, far from it actually. It's just that I need a whole lot of time to recollect my thoughts, and then maybe get back to writing Cleared to Engage or Trottingham University, when I have the time of course. Summer's around the corner and Freshman Year is pretty much done and over

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Main Projects

Trottingham University
Current Status: Working on Chapter 29
Additional Notes: A side project that happened to get a shit load of good reviews. May update once or twice a month.

Cleared to Engage
Current Status: Working on Chapter 62
Additional Notes: My main project, you will find me working on this most of the time.

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1619650 it's been a while. A long while.

well, looks like we lost another.

660510 look up the channel, there's a few versions.

660306 United States Delta Force isn't a part of the Marine Corps, it's a Special Forces Unit.

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