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When little Flicker burns down her home for a second time, she retreats into the Everfree forest. There, she discovers a race of strange fire insects and nurses their species back to health.

But, once again, her well-intentioned efforts backfire.

Now, with the safety of all of Ponyville hanging in the balance, will she be able to succeed where she has failed so many times before?

(February Write Off Competition Entry)

Chapters (5)

Luna is pregnant with a colt. A colt sired when she was still Nightmare Moon.
One thousand years later, the foal is born into a life of secrecy.

But the father, the troubled stallion who stood by the princess' side even as she turned into the dark queen, did not perish in the intervening millennium since Nightmare Moon's defeat. Alone, but not entirely forgotten, the sire of an age past begins a new life in Ponyville, unaware of the existence of his foal.

But starting a new live is never easy, especially when your past invades the present.

Chapters (19)
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