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I am the guy who writes the Equestrian-Marvel Universe. If you don't know what that is, take a look at The Iron Mare. Oh, and I write other things.


Not Dead, Just Published · 3:48pm Mar 23rd, 2019

Hey everyone! This is the first weekly update of many more to- wait. Shit.

So, sorry for being completely absent on here. I haven't really written much for the EMU like I said I would. Instead, I wrote other stories and published them on Amazon. As such, I'm probably going to be focusing on writing professionally for a while. Unfortunately, that does mean the EMU is on indefinite hiatus. Sorry to everyone who's looking forward to future entries.

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Sunset of Time Review · 2:02am Jan 27th, 2018

To start off my weekly reviews, I've chosen Sunset of Time by The Albinocorn. This story involves Sunset Shimmer, time travel, the end of the world, and three very nice artifacts. There's adventure, action, and explosions to be had in this story!

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I'm not Dead Yet! ft. Story Schedule · 9:50pm Jan 18th, 2018

Hello! It's me! I'm still here, more or less.

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State of the Writer Report: 2/24/2017 · 3:24pm Feb 24th, 2017

I know, I know, this is a little late. But college and work have been taking more time than I had anticipated. Things have been... busy. But I'm not dead yet!
Anyways, I am continuing to work on the EMU, even if it doesn't seem like it right now. I am also making progress on the Darkness trilogy I have going, and with a few other things in life slowing me down, it doesn't look like there'll be much in the way of actual story updates soon. At least not the stories on here.

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The End is Also the Beginning: State of the Writer Report 2017 · 3:55pm Jan 4th, 2017

Before any of you jump to conclusions because of the title of this post, no I'm not leaving. I'm not even really stepping away. I just liked the sound of that title, nd thought it was fitting for the new year.

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State of the Writer Report: 8/16/2016 · 12:01am Aug 17th, 2016

So, a few things have happened recently. One of those things is progress made in Iron Mare 2. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Additionally, I got a job. So said slow progress may be a bit slower, especially with classes starting up soon. Apologies in advance for the lack of work from me. Life is life, and life is busy. However, I will push on, and I will continue to write. After all, I can't leave you guys hanging forever. Eventually, I will get new content out to you.

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State of the Writer Report: 7/8/2016 with Preview · 3:49pm Jul 8th, 2016

Greetings to all! I hope you're getting this, because this report has a special announcement to go with it. I have been writing a bit more, so progress is being made in Iron Mare 2. Hopefully, my editor will be getting back to me about the latest completed chapter, which marks the halfwayish point in that story. So that's good news! Additionally, I've been putting together the Fetlock Holmes introductory oneshot, but haven't finished it yet. It's getting there, but I've had another idea

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State of the Writer Report: 6/9/2016 · 2:50pm Jun 9th, 2016

Hello once again, my faithful readers! I'm back with another update and an announcement. Today, I saw something that inspired me to extend a previous story of mine into another couple of parts. Don't worry, I don't intend for it to become my main writing project since most of you seem to enjoy the EMU. However, with the inspiration of Fall of an Empire, I have decided to extend The

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State of the Writer Report: 5/20/2016 · 10:04pm May 20th, 2016

Hello once again, my loyal followers! You know exactly what this is. I kind of introduced this new system last month where I was going to be doing these things. So without further delay, here are your updates.

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State of the Writer Report: 4/30/2016 · 5:53pm Apr 30th, 2016

So, I'm thinking about doing something along the lines of a monthly report, at a random day in whichever month it is to let you guys know how writing's going. These may also include story reviews and other things, but I'll try to keep it relatively focused so you guys don't spend too much time reading my updates.

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