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Steel Giant · 12:06am Apr 2nd, 2014

I apologize for not updating anything, but every time I get any idea, I only get the overall plot to a halfway point before the idea fizzles out into nothing. Since I can't get a sequel idea out for Steel Giant without it turning into some sort of horrid Zoid, MechWarrior, and MLP mess*; I've decided to just make tweaks to Steel Giant. I reread my 1st three chapters, and wow... I really did rush it, and make it flow too fast. So in short I'll be rereading each chapter and making changes, and

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Thanks for favorite Predaking Rising.

Nice, very nice.

I'm more for assault, but the only real difference between you and I is the medium mech and straight up Daish for assault.

Seeing as how medium is your forte. My go too medium mech, what say you on the Bushwacker? Near as I can tell they're basically cousins in that your centurion packs a bit more punch with that 20.

Need to ask this since one I've got nothing better to do and two I like hearing what other people got to say on the matter. Favourite mechs, one from each class go!

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