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My Fic is under contruction · 2:02am Sep 13th, 2012

I have been writing a gift story for one of my friends for about a week now and I don't know what else to add I need more ideas and more time. With me begin pregnant and all I should have a lot of free time but I just don't anymore.......uggggggghhhhhhhhhh

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13 weeks ago I did nothing. I may have been disconnected from the internet at that time, but that is still no excuse for waiting so long, and I apologize for that.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and for choosing to stick along for the ride. I hope that I can continue to make it worth your while.

Thank you, truly, for reading.

thanks for the fave!! :yay:

Thanks for the fave:raritystarry:

Thanks for the fav!

Wow lots of thanks for lots of favs! I also thank you for the fav. And I must admit you are my first fav! For that I sincerely thank you. I hope you enjoy Cam's adventures as much as I love writing them.

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