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Return of Batmare! · 8:28pm Apr 2nd, 2012

Woo! Batmare is back with a vengeance! I know that means I'm juggling two stories, at the moment, but I think that's a good thing. When I feel like taking a break from the serious stuff, I can switch to Batmare; when I'm ready to get serious again, I'll go back to ItFoaG. I'll try to keep the updates coming at least once a week from now on. I know I disappeared for a while there, sorry!

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Into the breach. · 2:09am Mar 10th, 2012

Okay, I'm finally happy with how an ItFoaG chapter turned out. I may go back and edit or rewrite parts of chapter 1 and 2, but I like how 3 felt, I think it flowed pretty well. We're finally at the end of the setup and will soon get into the meat of the story, I'm excited! Are you excited?

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There we are! · 3:15pm Feb 16th, 2012

It is done. That whole thing was just to set up a plausible scenario where Pipsqueak could sing Queens' 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Okay, not really; but hey, pretty good for a first try eh?

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Almost.... allllmost! · 4:00am Feb 16th, 2012

All right, ponies, we're in the home stretch of the 'first season' of Batmare and the Foal Wonder! Once I wrap up this story arc, I probably won't update it for a while. I still have some villains I want to try out, so the premise is by no means dead, but essentially the story will be complete. I'll still check in on the comments though, so if you really want to see your villain idea included, let me know! I definitely want to throw some spin-offs out there, later on.

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Swing of things. · 9:28pm Feb 9th, 2012

Okay, finally getting into the swing of things. You may notice the chapters are a bit short. I try to keep them at 1000 words or so, that's on purpose so they're easy to read in a few minutes. This way there's no major commitment to catch up later on for the reader. That being said, while episodic in nature, I do have an ending in mind for the series, I promise I won't leave you with an 'eternal cliffhanger' scenario. As always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions, I'm all ears!

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By Celestia's Beard! · 7:33pm Jan 20th, 2012

Holy Pony! This story is at 250 views after only two days! I know it's only 90 something unique visitors, but that means a lot of multi-chapter readers. (That's a good thing, right?) You guys are just amazing, I hope future chapters can stack up.

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It begins... · 2:38pm Jan 19th, 2012

Ok, so a little about myself here. I like to mostly write short stories so far, this Batmare thing is really my first attempt at anything with some kind of continuity. Let me know where I can improve (other than 'everywhere', I already know that), and what you like. If you have any requests for certain villains, tell me and I'll work on a chapter for them!

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