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On International Women's Day... and brony discrimination · 8:17am Mar 9th, 2015

So I guess you could say, on first glance and judging by my profile pic, that I am not your usual type of brony and one could easily assume (and wouldn't be mistaken) that I tend to lean on a specific side of the spectrum. It's already March 9th over here, but screw it. I don't have school tomorrow and this issue is now nagging at me at the back of my head. This will not be your typicall "rant". Rather, I'd like to seriously address and discuss in a civil manner (even if the content is not, and

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On hiatus... But not dead · 3:58am Mar 21st, 2014

I promised that I would finish that story and I'm sticking to it. Thing is, that I have no time right now to even get the pleasure of writing it. University is getting tough, lots of projects going on and little time to rest. The other important factor (which is the main villain to blame for this decision) was Writer's Bloc. Ah, yes. That pesky little monster. This little beeyetch has been nagging at me since the latest chapter. But for me not to feel bad about abandoning the story, I decided

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Happyman's mad at the World · 9:04am Dec 19th, 2013

So I've come into a bit of a problem that could possibly be affecting my body in more ways than one. Add to that my usual lazyness and there's your explanation as to why there have been no updates (although the major culprit is the latter). I have a headache, my lungs feel like they miss a lovely lady I like to call oxygen, my brain sometimes needs to read and re-read whole paragraphs and my ear is possibly getting bad. No, I haven't gone to the doctor to see if it's just me being "tired" or

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December 5! Do you know what this means? · 4:51pm Dec 5th, 2013

It means that this damn thing doesn't work at all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR5BfQ4rEqQ

Actually no. What this means is that I'm finally on vacation, and now I can focus more on reading all my shit and (you guessed it) writing. I vowed I would finish the story and I'm going to fulfill that promise! ... After I get over this damn writer's block. Anyway, expect an update soon.

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Never backing down · 1:15am Feb 22nd, 2013

So you probably wonder if I'm dead or not. No, I am not. I'm simply too busy with a fuckton of exams and university admissions. However, I've left too many things in my life unfinished, and this story I plan not to be a part of Sheen's half-assed-never-completed-crap stash. As for my colorizations of JJ in my DA account, I'm lazy. Prpbably by April you'll be reading a couple of updates for MOMN, but until then, pray to your non existent gods I pass my admission exams. Good luck to you

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