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"Description? Oh come on, I KNEW we were forgetting something!"
^Calm down, it's just a description Sweetie Belle. As I said, it's about the story.^
'Aren't we supposed to tell ponies what the story is about?'
^They can read the title, can't they?^
"I thought we were going to show this to everypony in Ponyville... Why are we putting it up here? I don't want to be associated with a story like this!"
^But you ARE one of the authors. Be proud of our work for a change!^
'Ya'know, I think ya'll should stop worrying so much. Just tell them to enjoy our story!'
^No need to tell them, they'll enjoy it! It's as awesome as Rainbow Dash is.^
'I guess ya got a point Scoot.'
"Sigh, I just hope everypony will like it."
^Would you just stop worrying about everything?^
"Would you just stop making every story revolve around Rainbow Dash?"

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When celebrating Twilight's birthday in Canterlot, Fluttershy falls in love with a very well known pony: Fancy Pants. Everypony seems conviced that such a sweet pony would have a good chance to catch his interest... Apart from the shy pony herself.

Not letting this chance go by, Rarity decides to be a good friend by making a costume for Fluttershy so Fancy Pants does not get to see who she is.
Will it give Fluttershy the confidence she needs? Or more importantly, will it work?

Note: Comments and opinions are appreciated, but keep in mind that this is my first fic and that English is not my primary language. Please excuse the inevitable spelling/grammatical errors and have fun reading!

Chapters (2)