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Poems are the things I do, Enjoy these poems from me to you.

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A small collection of shorter poems I do, feel free to critique them without being too harsh.
Also feel free to request a poem from me, and if you want a 'freestyle' or what type of ryhme scheme you want like 'every pair of lines ryhme' 'every other line ryhmes' 'first third and fourth line rhyme' etc.

Spectrum - [Slice of Life] A certain mare remembers an incident from her life that molded her life to what it is today. So she presents a poem to all of her closest friends.

Upon a Whim (RD Poem #1) - [Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Random] After finally crossing the line with Twilight, Rainbow Dash is forced to write poetry until she learns how to express her feelings instead of venting them at others. But that turns out to be a very bad idea...

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