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Every two nights, Twilight Sparkle wakes from her sleep as a bushy haired human named Hermione Granger. What will become of the Golden Trio now that their smart third has leadership experience in a world of friendship and idealism? What will happen to the Golden Trio's world when she attempts to save it? In a world of racism, cynicism, and darkness that impacts even Equestrians, will love and harmony triumph?

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This is a very strange, very humorous fic roughly based off Sergeant Sprinkles' legendary badfic, Cupcakes. Pinkie discovers that she will be possessed in three days, so she goes a little bit nuts and tells Twilight. Will Twilight be able to find a way to break the possession before Rainbow Dash gets hurt? Find out in the coming pages.

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Twilight was the victim of a conspiracy. Nobles didn't like her politics, and tendency to give more power to the common pony. Soldiers thought that Twilight was guilty of treasonous acts herself, controlling Princess Celestia. In any case, she must die, for the characters' emotional enrichment. Or must she?

There are so many ways her death in that one story could have been averted. Therefore, in the name of happy endings everywhere, I present a fic where prevention is half the cure!

This is based upon Rated Ponystar's Assassination verse, thought this does not take place in it. It diverges from a heavily derivative background story at different points, all resulting in the saving of Twilight Sparkle.

Chapter One. Time Travel fuelled by Discord.

Chapter Two. Somepony set up an alarm system, complete with alternate version where a different pony set it up.

Chapter Three. Celestia proves a point that takes the wind out of military part of the operation.

Chapter Four. Celestia makes sure everyone stays loyal, way ahead of time...

Chapter Five. Naughty Naughty, someone got caught-y...

Chapter Six. And the one time she was able to bring her back.

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