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I have a tumblr i draw art on and a youtube that update both you and my subscribers on there. I am only here for my writing hobby. I never expected anypony to like my stories :)


FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · 4:23am Jan 24th, 2012

sorry for the lack of content updates guys. School has been nothing but an extreme pain in the flank and I'm not able to spew my creative juices onto my stories as much as I'd like to. Anyway I got the newest chapters written and will be posting them sometime this week they are all at least 2 to 3 thousand words each so be expecting a lot of content, I've also gotten alot more views on my youtube account so I'm having to make sure you guys are satisfied as well as the bronies on youtube.

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HOLY CRAP GUYS, HOLY. CRAP. · 5:45pm Jan 19th, 2012

ok so I've gotten a shitload of tracks, and comments and I don't know where to start. I guess i kinda like the name jamesisabrony. Why? because he is a follower of me and my name is james and, well, i'm a brony so shouts out to you james. Brony on. So ill be posting the rest of heros arent there to save you. Im still trying to figure out how to end rooster but oh well we'll see how things go. I love you all.

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doctor whooves messaged me :D · 1:37am Jan 18th, 2012

haha apparntly stalkerloo is pissed off at me and is coming to install cameras in my home. It's funny cuz stalkerloo is the whole reason I started writing to snuff a rooster and when heros arent there to help. Oh equastria. You and your multiverses

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what i plan to get out by this week. · 8:01pm Jan 17th, 2012

hey guys. Just another update. I got my new story up and will post some more chapters later but I'll be getting the new rooster chapter here sometime this week. It's been pretty busy for me lately so i apologize. I plan to get at least 2, 1000 words or more chapters here at least 1 every week. Thanks again guys. Love you all. No new tracks or comments so I can't give any shout outs :(

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another track and update · 10:15pm Jan 11th, 2012

people who deserve a shoutout this week
Spiili- not sure what your name means but omniously cool- brohoof

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A QUICK THANK YOU AND SHOUT OUT · 3:26pm Jan 6th, 2012

wow guys, Thank you so much for reading my story. As a way of saying thanks I will be listing off who tracked my story and thanking you specifically here in this blog post.
1. wet pony princess- thanks for the hilarious comment and the track, it made my day if I could hug you I would *squee*
2.Gigshare-thanks for the track my brony *brohoof*
3.PaulRap Raptor- thanks for the track bro, I'm diggin your screen name too bro, pretty boss right there.

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update on to snuff a rooster and the tumblr · 3:19pm Jan 5th, 2012

Hello all. I've that my story has been read and i am quite exstatic. I also see that my story is being tracked, so BIG shout out to hyourei, you are awesome. I'm currently working on the rest of "to snuff a rooster" i'm going to be using complete narrorative chapters. Now I'm not good at narritive chapters so please excuse me if there is grammar mistakes (my first language is spanish so yeah). I'm going to be recieving a new graphics tablet here pretty soon (next wednesday to be exact) so when

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what im doing · 12:42am Dec 29th, 2011

currently got a story idea it's scootabuse with a somewhat happy ending. i've also gotten to work on a new pmv for my youtube account (nikoisbaws25) it's sorta like a profiling session for all the gridmark ponies. then i'm gonna post the pilot to my story and why am i writing this if no one will read it. oh well

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