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Productivity Loss · 11:32pm March 10th

So I bought Square-Enix's new fishing tour game (also known as Final Fantasy XV)

I just spent 6 in game days fishing.

Electronic anime bishonen fishing.

What has my life become?

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Stories I've Told

The Roads I Walk

CPL - Chapter 9
Purgatory (Holding Patterns)
2,600 words 45-50%

Game of Princesses
2,400 Words, 45-50%

Hot Dam! - A Fiction of Human Wizards and Magical Pony Anthromorphs
Prologue done besides grammar pre-reading
Arc 1 plotted
Chapter 1 - done and up
Chapter 2 - Mostly written, and Authors notes written up 80%


So I'll be the first to say that I have some trouble coming up with original content, while still enjoying writing.

As such I'm opening myself up for requests/commissions, so that people may bring me their ideas and I shall bring them to life with the glorious medium of the written/typed/stencilled word (just as soon as I figure out how to get paid for commissions I'll open those up so just requests for now)

Rules for requests

1 - Be polite, if I end up not choosing your request out of all the options I have (because I'm so bogged down for choice at the moment), I'm sorry, I really am, but I have to balance my time somehow.
2 - One chapter stuff only, I'm not going to write sweeping epics for other people for free, do you think I'm MAD!?!?! (I am, but not in that way)
3 - No porn, please no porn, it's really hard to write (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
4 - No "Mah super OC saves teh day" type requests; that's Barbed Retorts job, at least until bites off more than he can chew and kills himself trying to save the day. I'm serious on this though, none of that, I'd like to believe I have standards, even if it is a hollow lie I tell myself so I can sleep at night .
5 - Lastly, I reserve the right to back out of a request if you start demanding alterations that break these last four rules

Requests Slots 1/3

1 - Game of Princesses for Rebus Brown
2 - OPEN
3 - OPEN

Commission Rules to come as soon as I figure out the best method for payment, and how much to be paid.

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Thanks for the fave on Tastes Like Heresy.

Thank you for the following:twilightsmile:

Congratulations [SUBJECT NAME HERE], you have earned the...
You must be the pride of [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE]!

The series is called If You Give a Little Love.


I can't see why it wouldn't, but it'd be a harsh tonal shift. Probably work better as a dramedy, or as a dark comedy.

2385399 Hats off to you, those are all really very good ideas. Do you think it would still work if a sequel had a different tone, like if it were a comedy?

I'm buried in the middle of three other stories, and only really wrote Why Are You Here after my last story (which was meant to be short and lighthearted) turned out to be sprawling and heavy, so I can't say it's something I'd be hoping to look at anytime soon, but I'll file the ideas away in my head and see if anything brews up from them.

Seriously, thanks, those are some great ideas :twilightsmile:


Just a sort of slice of life over the following centuries, the life and times of the shinelings, how the world turned on.

"Why are you here?" ended on a note of mixed hopefullness & bittersweet kismet/can't win 'em all that opens up a universe of potential.

Maybe now that Chryssy is the honoured guest of 'Tia she gets the chance to see possible ways changelings can partially co-exist (orphanages and hospital foal programs) and the future becomes brighter just a little, maybe this kicks off a doomed "Celesalis" romance that in time folds under the stress and the two of them can't help but be bitter enemies that remember they chance they had and lost, maybe we get a late sequel which deals with Starlight trying to save Thorax and the Shinelings in an impossible quest while she struggles with the idea that her great success literally doomed an entire race.

World of potentials.

2385327 Thanks very much, that's really nice of you to say.

I'm usually on board with whatever the show's writers like to come up with, but I had some problems with To Where & Back Again. It wasn't without its moments (like the cave of Fluttershies), but between one of the best villains being made into a one-note caricature, the tacky rainbow stags and the laws of physics thing, yeah... So while I never set out to write a 'fix fic,' once I set their conversation in that timeframe and they started talking, it mostly just came out of things I'd been thinking about since that episode aired.

I'm not sure about a sequel; can I ask what you would see happening next, after the end of the story?


It was an interesting story, and I liked the grizzlier implications behind it.

Conservation of energy, a rebellious cycle, the idea that the goddamned "Shinelings" were a mistake that've doomed themselves to a slow starvation (that design :pinkiesick:), Chrysalis's slow self-corruption, It all painted a very good, if not particularly pleasant, picture.

I had a little difficulty following it around the beginning chapter, but I'd give it a 8/10 if I did the numbers thing, my actual rating is "I hope there's a sequel".

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