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Action and darkness. Those are my specialties


Here it is · 6:02pm Dec 1st, 2012

new chapter For "What Choice Do I Have' is here. i thank you for being patient for it.

also, here is the episode i have been waiting for!

hope you all enjoy it

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Important news post · 8:17pm Nov 27th, 2012

Alright, if some of you didn't notice, my story 'true master of chaos' is back on hiatus. While I would have returned to the current timeline, I have lost a lot of my motivation to continue it. It will remain this status until further notice.

My big three stories, 'what choice do I have?' , 'akatsuki in Equestria' and 'rage of Broly' will continue with standard updates, which by the way will happen in the next few days.

'a special request' I will try to update when I can.

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Updates · 3:53am Nov 21st, 2012

What Choice do I have? has been updated with a new chapter.

Now, I am sorry that I haven't been able to update my other stories, but I have had some personal things ive had to deal with for the last few days.

I am here to say that I hope to have. Chapter for special request, avp Equestria and Rage of
broly by Sunday. Take care

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Thanks all of you · 6:43pm Nov 18th, 2012

Thanks for all of the support for my new story What choice do I have?

I can only hope it reaches the top soon. Thank you all

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Coming Soon · 5:56am Nov 17th, 2012

Be ready for a story that i am working on at the moment. Pehaps this will be the best one i have come up with. Will have help from a special friend of mine. Here is the cover image

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Season 3: great start or disappointment? · 1:03am Nov 12th, 2012

Alright, by now most of you have seen the season three premiere of my little pony.
What were your thoughts on the 2 part premiere?

Was Sombra an awesome villian or lame cloud?

Was the story good or too rushed?

Would like to hear all of your opinions on it. Take care

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New updates · 5:55pm Nov 3rd, 2012

Well, as some of you saw, Alien Vs Predator; Equestria is back in writing, so that will be continued to be worked on.

Another chapter to 'A special request' should be up by tomorrow so be ready.

Akatsuki in Equestria will be updated by the end of the week, hopefully by Friday. Making sure the planning for future chapters works, including future fights and how they will work. dark will be added to the tags since death will happen.

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The akatsuki are coming · 7:16pm Oct 12th, 2012

My new story 'akatsuki in Equestria' is up on fimfiction now. Hopefully everyone enjoys it. I also will have a new avp chapter and a chapter for 'a special request' by tommorow

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