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After years of conflict and chaos, peace was finally obtained when the human race finally defeated the last of it's foreign opposition, and instigated a new world order like nothing seen before. The human government uses a "new" form of government to create a near perfect and utopian world. However, like any other form of government, there are always secrets lying beneath the fa├žade of perfection, waiting to surface and reveal the truth...

Major thanks to Desolate, Faceless Protagonist, BWubz, and Galactic Raincloud for helping me edit and proofread this!

The Dark and Gore tags are for some Dark themes in the story, and [maybe] some minor descriptions of Gore later on in the story. This is a Teen rated story, so expect a lot of Teen and some Adult geared content.

(While I have rated it Teen, the story, since I'm striving for extreme realism, may or may not evolve into the Mature rating, if you, the reader, or me, the author, deem it Mature.)

As an author, I crave criticism so that I may better improve myself and my story, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would at least leave a comment as to why you chose to dislike my story. This is not to harass or insult you, it's just so that I can see what you don't like about the story, and see if I can improve it. Thank you for your constructive criticism and cooperation, I really appreciate it. :pinkiesmile:

Artwork for the story was made by me.

The BLITZ origin story.

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Anything stated here that is affiliated with the BLITZverse may no longer be valid to the overall lore. However, I will leave this story up as a monument to my first attempt at writing.

A human military government, known as the DAF, wages war against the infamous nation of Equestria. The DAF uses advanced technology to gain the upper hand in the historic struggle, while Equestria can only muster a fraction of what humanity has.

Mathew, a squad leader of twenty men in the DAF, has the ultimate responsibility of keeping every one of his men alive, while trying to complete the ultimate task of helping the DAF win the war.

While Scootaloo, a member of an eight-pony squad in the Equestrian Royal Army, must do everything she can to stay alive, keep her friends close, and defend her homeland from the human invasion.

How will both soldiers do what they can to survive, while fighting for what they believe in? How will they handle the gruesome and horrifying scenes of war, and maintain their sanity?

How will they affect the outcome of the "BLITZ"?

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his."

George S. Patton

Feel free to comment!
This has the Alternate Universe tag for land and other various reasons.

(Cover art done by me, and only me. If it sucks, blame it on my poor experience with ArtStudio.)

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