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I'm an art lover, through and through. I've only watched seasons 1-8, so any discrepancies from canon can be explained by that.

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Through sheer bad luck, Twilight and some friends are stuck, and they cannot get out. What stuck them, and made them stick, stuck where they are, is a thing that sticks things into places that they become stuck in. To speak in more precise tones, it's a librarian. It just so happens that old and forgotten mythological creatures still exist in Equestria and elsewhere, and it's the luck of the draw as to whether you will run into a good one or a bad one on your journeys through Equestria, or other countries, with similar creatures and histories.

This is a bad one.

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Going up into the sky, reaching for the stars, going higher, and keeping going higher, and taking wing to that higher place, flying there, moving fast, feeling good, and walloping down against the currents, and why, doing all that, is feeling free. Something comes this way. I know it. I know I know the way around it. Keeping on doing all that, keeping going higher, and being free, means something, and what? It means believing in yourself, and that believing means something, something meaningful. It means being willing to push, and to be free is just that, the willingness to push, and that, I learned from this.

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Fluttershy tries to help cure Zecora's swamp fever by getting honey from flash bees, but she falls unconscious. This is the story about what happened in the intervening days, when Twilight and Cattail tried to find the cure without Fluttershy's help.

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The idea behind this story is what would happen if you made many tiny stories come together into one story. Here, we have one day out of the lives of the mane six, but they don't just life any old ordinary life. Their lives are crazy, bonkers, and off-the-wall, and one might ask how they deal with the ups and downs without breaking down, but isn't that the point? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and that's exactly what you do to turn something bad around, and make it seem good. To make oneself smile, and turn one's frown upside down, one has to look life in the eye and confront it, and say what you want about the mane six. They know how to do that.

Follow along with Pinkie, as she struggles with her fear of spiders, or Applejack, as she tries to solve the mystery of Apple-land, an amusement park created in her name, unbeknownst to her and her family. Rainbow Dash has troubles at the gym. Twilight is just confused about everything. If you follow along, there's also a pirate adventure waiting. This story is an experiment, just like all my stories. Let's see how it goes and what happens. Even I don't know!

The photo is a pretty stock photo of a rainbow, that's supposed to symbolize togetherness, and harmony.

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Twilight is scared. She saw Rainbow Dash on the moon, or did she? Who is on the moon exactly? What is going on again? Twilight is scared, lost, alone, confused, and she does not know what to do. She wants to punish herself, though she cannot for the life of her quite remember why. She descends. She fades. She comes back again. She is reborn. What is Twilight? Read and learn, and maybe she will learn something too, though doubtful, as she has given up all hope, or maybe not. Only time can tell.

The image is totally open source. It's an image of the moon.

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