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Daring Do has had a long and illustrious life. All that waits is to see what sort of legacy her colleagues will bestow upon her.

(Cover image by Sophie Cabra.)

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This is an imaginary story, but then, aren't they all?

In another time, and another place, the Ministry Mares hastened Equestria's road to ruin with their every move. For every problem they fixed, two sprang up in their place, and ultimately their legacy amounted to death, ruin, and hatred.

So why have the Ministry Mares returned to pristine, innocent Ponyville? The land of their happy, carefree youth no longer suits them and their memories. How can they go back to how they once were, knowing what they do?

And when the specter of war rides over the horizon, will they be too wrapped up in their personal demons to see it coming again?

(A work in progress, obviously. Don't hold back on your critiques and feedback. I may edit existing chapters in the future if I need to.)

Chapters (2)