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So, what was it? 15 weeks ago? Yeah, sometime back then. Please forgive me; I'm just internetly inept.

So, 15 weeks ago (or so), you read my story. Thank you for that; it means much to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my work. Thank you for choosing to follow along; I can only hope I do not disappoint in the future.

Thank you, truly, for reading.

With Chapter 8 i am proud to say we have reached half way through Sins of an Equestrian Empire: An Unexpected Journey

I am sad to say my laptop died which contained ALL the original chapters as well as story arks.

Tis a sad day but thankfully i have a spare as well as and will start chapter 8 monday :rainbowdetermined2:

Almost finished with Chapter 7 should be out by Monday, reason for being delayed.

Resident Evil 6 :derpyderp1:

125065 cheers i'll have a look right away... seems like a great read :rainbowdetermined2:

and i do love the sins of a solar empire

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