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  • EThe Tattered and Troubled Trixie
    I am not a bad pony. I do not do the things I do because I am evil. I just want her to notice me again, to love me again; and I won't rest until I get her attention.
    Hammy · 3.8k words  ·  26  4 · 745 views
  • TTainted Twilight
    When Twilight celebrates the day she becomes a full-grown mare, she gets summoned by Princess Celestia to learn a new, secret kind of magic. But this magic seems to be...changing Twilight, somehow...
    Hammy · 15k words  ·  65  2 · 1.7k views
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Welcome to Equestria Divided. I hope you have fun with us.

Because you are writing an Equestria Divided story, I feel I should point you toward us.


thank you for your time.

Thank you much! I'm glad you're liking it so far, and I hope I don't disappoint! :pinkiehappy:

Be sure to let me know how I'm doing on the story! I love reading and responding to comments!

I have really enjoyed your story Tainted Twilight thus far. I'm not quite as far as you've written, but soon! :rainbowwild:

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