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What if a colt wore a dress? Would you mock him? Would you accept or even like him? Would you... love him?
I am such a colt and this is my story.

Just as a warning, this story deal with crossdressing, so if you don't like crossdressing, just don't read it.

Please leave a comment if you like or dislike this story, so i can improve in my following chapters and stories.

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Rose and Blossomforth are both best friends, who always care for flowers. They want to go on an adventure finding the legendary silver rose and listening to his song. In the progress of the adventure both find a deeper meaning in their friendship, something they have never expected happened.
Who will meet under the Moonlight?

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Twilight loves romance novel from an author named "Butterscotch", because she can easily connect with the characters in the novel. Her admiration grows into strong affection, until she is so fascinated with him, that she wants to meet him.
And she will meet him sooner, than she would have ever expected, which leads to the final question: Who hides behind the pen name?

A TwiShy oneshoot.

This is my first story, so please tell me wether you like or dislike it and what you like/dislike about it, so that i can improve in the next stories.

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