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I'm that 1 dash(and Twi) fan who writes stories about them. Big TwixDash shipper

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30 likes on "Your Name" fic · 7:32pm Last Wednesday

my second ever fic on here and it reach 30 likes! :twilightsmile:
Number of bookshelves: 272
50 tracking
and total views:3,228

tbh, i'm still shock how well it did. guessing ppl wanted a story like this, following different versions of Twi and Dash :rainbowdetermined2::twilightsheepish:

even more shock, i'm not even a great writer. i'm very bad, poor grammar and how my writing style isn't the norm and english being my second language doesn't help lol

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Here to make your day 'cuz why not :twilightsmile:

Welcome to FiMFiction, friend! 😇

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