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| Writing is the reason I live. With writing, I can express myself. With writing, I can make anything possible. | 19 year old Brit with a somewhat unhealthy MLP obsession. But she's proud of it.

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Even the toughest of ponies have a soft side.

After her latest mission, explorer Daring Do takes a moment to rest and consider the meaning of her unique life. The last thing she wants is to be disturbed, but company can come from the most unexpected places.


Cover art by Tsitra360. Used with permission.

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While many ponies live in happiness, celebrating their achievements and their special talents, a troubled young colt lives in his own world of misery and hatred.

Black Sail hates his Cutie Mark. In fact, he hates all Cutie Marks.

With so much anger and confusion, and for such strange reasons, is it possible for anypony to bring meaning to his life again?

WARNING: Self-harm, and hints of depression

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Equestria has been invaded.

An old enemy has returned from the shadows, overthrowing civilizations, leaving ponies in terror, and the Princess of Friendship is imprisoned.

Now Rainbow Dash – element of Loyalty and former Wonderbolt – is trapped in the middle of a war, as leader of a Cloudsdale troop. It is not a role she ever wanted, but the brave pegasus will have nothing to go home to unless Equestria is made safe once again.


Proofread with the help of JP Sanders.
Artwork by UP1TER

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