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Trixie, stranded from Equestria and in a mysterious land named Azeroth, tries her best to get by day by day...though it'd be easier if there weren't so many Crack Elves, zombies, and pesky gnomes getting in her way! Perhaps now though, with the aid of a few party members, she can get the glory and renown she has long sought out?

Comedy/satire crossover with World of Warcraft.

Other series referenced: Thor (Marvel), Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Legend of the Dragoon, Madoka, Die Hard, Gundam Zeta, Star Wars

Story Arcs:
1) Sunstrider Isles/Silvermoon City (1-9)
2) Westfall (10-18)
3) Stormwind/Scarlet Crusade (19-?)

Image by BruinesBrony216

Chapters (48)

Soarin proves himself completely hopeless at this thing one might call romance if not for his failure at it, as he tries to woo Rainbow Dash while his fellow Wonderbolts take endless enjoyment from his floundering. Just how is a "decently" aged, pie obsessed, goofball supposed to ask a mare out anyways? Especially when that mare is a young star in her prime, which he is most certainly not?

None of this is obviously helped by the fact that Rainbow is a prankster and troll, something that the lovestruck Soarin is, well, too lovestruck to notice or care about.

Pairing: SoarinDash
By: Thunderscourge
Cover Art By: Rebron-y

Chapters (3)

Life is a series of ups and downs, something that Trixie Lulamoon has been taught since day one, and something she takes to heart down the road. Be it a slap, verbal humiliation, an Ursa, or just finding food to eat, life has thrown Trixie for a loop. But it's not over, and there is always the chance to get back up and make something of it all.

A look at Trixie before, during, and after her appearances on the show. What was it like to be Trixie? Her family life?

In canon with the same universe as "We Remember Everything" but the first chapter is a standalone story does not require having read the original at all. The first chapter is a standalone story that just so happens to set up Trixie's appearance there, while future chapters delve into the actual events of We Remember Everything.

Cover image by ACharmingPony on Deviantart

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A pariah who has long lived in their elder sibling's shadow, only to try and violently assert their own greatness and fail...both Loki and Luna know this tale all too well.
After the events of Thor, Loki Odinson of Asgard has fallen from grace, only to find himself in an unknown realm. Reaching out to him is Princess Luna, whom finds the similarities between them. Will Loki accept her help and recover from his dismay, or will he end up spurning it because of his arrogance?

More info below the break.

Arc 1: Entering Equestria 1-13
Arc 2: The Avengers 14-23
Arc 3: The Great and Powerful Student 24-33
Arc 4: Delving into Hel Itself 34-46
Mini Arc 1: Lorelei the Temptress 47-48
Mini Arc 2: The Equestria Games 49-50
Arc 5: Thor The Dark World 51-57
Arc 6: Calm Before the Storm 58-70
Arc 7: The Performance of a Lifetime, the Fall of Thanos 71-75
Arc 8: To Remember When One Should Forget 76-80, Epilogue
Bonus Chapters

Cover image from CuteSkitty on Deviantart: http://fav.me/d5whxcz

Chapters (92)

(Originally conceived as a oneshot, this story has become a series of them because of the massive popularity of the first installment and how it was featured on the front page.)

Pairing: Soarin/Rainbow Dash

Chapter 1: Meet the Parents Rainbow Dash has a brilliant idea: since she hasn't seen her parents in awhile, why not bring her new boyfriend with her to visit them? Unfortunately for Soarin, this means meeting her father and mother (Firefly). Will the Wonderbolt survive the visit? Will I ever learn how to do comedy? There is a single yes and a no between these two important questions.

Chapter 2: Meet the Scootaloo Soarin unexpectedly finds himself introduced to Rainbow Dash's number one fan, Scootaloo, and once again finds himself learning a bit about Dash's world. Warning: Might make you squee.

Chapters (13)

Based on the villain song of the same name, The Moon Rises by Ponyphonic, which you can listen to here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPjVCIX5Fvs&feature=channel&list=UL

After years and years of serving ponies across Equestria, after defeating Discord and after restoring Harmony, Princess Luna is happy with her life. She understands that ponies need to use her night to prepare for their coming day, and she lives content with the knowledge that they all can appreciate her nights like she does if they so wish.

Come some careless remarks and ill timed events, Luna begins to doubt herself and the value ponies place in her night. As has been done before, this is a story detailing the fall of Luna from grace and of her becoming the villainess known as Nightmare Moon.

As is my policy, OC's are background characters only and but one appears to fill out the ranks of the cast (Luna, Celestia, Blueblood's ancestor and Starswirl the bearded would be a small cast, no?).

As this is my first serious story, I would greatly appreciate any feedback I could receive.

Image source: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=the+moon+rises+luna#/d5bujpv

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The Great and Powerful Trixie is lonely on Hearts and Hooves day. The supreme ruler of Cobra, Cobra Commander himself, is jealous of all the ponies with special someponies around. With Destro and Baroness trying to make him happy, what could possibly happen? Trixie X Cobra Commander of course. Bits of Derpy Hooves, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Characters are all ponies, with the GI Joe characters all in ponified bodies.

Based on the comic of Naterrang on Deviantart

as well as the critique mini-story by Kobrakin

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