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I'm just a Brony in Texas. I'm a writer and sometimes artist in my free time.

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After returning from their lovely honeymoon, Princess Cadance and her husband, the newly crowned prince, Shining Armor, return to Canterlot to see that their home is not the same as they left it. More questions pop up when Cadance finds a mysterious pony hidden in her room.

Who is this pony? Where did this pony come from? What was the pony doing in the Princess of Love's room? And why is this pony being really affectionate with Cadance? Join Cadance as she finds these answers to these questions on this emotional roller coaster, that will have the Princess of Love question how much does she truly know about what her title represents?

Story takes place after The Element of Hate, so there will be references. There will be some grammar and punctuation errors,:twilightoops: but don't let that stop you from reading. I accept and appreciate constructive criticism.:raritywink:

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Editor Wanted

Yet another sunny day blessed Ponyville, with Twilight Sparkle in the middle of another study session. She was in the middle of comprehending the consequences of repeated teleportation when Fluttershy knocked on her door. Answering the door, what Twilight saw shocked her; Fluttershy was flustered, panicked, saying something about the Everfree Forest. Twilight decides to investigate after preparing herself, but could possibly be out there that would bring Fluttershy to such a state?

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