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What time is it? · 7:21pm November 26th

It's Morphin Time!

Either later today or tomorrow, I'm going to premier the first of the four chapters I have written of the second Arc of It's Morphin Time: A Power Rangers Story, which will feature the introduction of a particular character I know EVERYONE has been waiting to meet.

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Sapphire Valley Reviews: My Little Pony the Movie (2017) · 1:54pm November 8th

Well, I finally saw it. It took forever, but I managed to go see the movie. I usually refrain from doing reviews of anything the show does, the closest I'll get to that is ranting about something that pisses me off, but I generally like to keep my opinion of the show to myself.

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30 years alive... · 6:32pm October 15th

Well, I made it. As of today, it's officially my 30th birthday. And here I am still writing horse words.

...Ah growing up is overrated.

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Sapphire Valley Rants: Villains in MLP · 5:10pm October 7th

So today was a Twilight episode. And honestly, I had high hopes for it. I mean, it opened with better treatment for Spike, it gave Twilight's parents really interesting personalities; Twilight Velvet being an adrenaline junkie and Night Light being a male Twilight of sorts, good banter between Twilight and Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart was there. Kinda hard to NOT be happy with that last bit.

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Sapphire Valley vs Starlight Glimmer · 9:28pm September 20th

So you know how in life, you have moments that you have to confess to?

Certain things that you're ashamed of, but when you realize that you feel a certain way, you have to just come clean? Like coming out to your parents, or telling your boy/girlfriend that you love them. Hell, even realizing that you've lost passion for the fandom.

I haven't. Not at all. Don't worry people, I'm here to stay.

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Why the change? · 11:32pm September 16th

So many of you might be wondering...

Why is Digimon Saga: CTRL-ALT-DELETE now mature?

Well the answer to that is simple. I need more freedom for the direction I've decided to take it. The plot won't be different, and a lot of what I had planned will still happen, but... I've figured out some new things, and withe help of a friend, I'm taking the story in a much more serious direction than planned before.

Just remember one major thing, alright?

I write sins, NOT tragedies...

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Which one should I go with? · 10:44pm September 13th

So, I have a dilemma.

See, I've been using the English names of the Digimon so they'll be better recognized.

However, I have run into an issue. You see, one of the Royal Knights appearing will be this one:

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Story Update: Why I'm so late. · 9:43pm August 19th

So... this week there will probably NOT be an episode of Digimon Saga: CTRL-ALT-DELETE. That's because I've been super busy and working on other pieces lately. I have plans for The Dagger 2: Innocence Lost, and I want to bring back I Belong to You as well.

I also have plans for a Sweetie Bot story, which is what I'm working on as we speak. Why am I working on Sweetie Bot? Because I want to, that's why.

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Sorry to disappoint... · 3:50pm July 21st

No new episode of Digimon Saga: CTRL-ALT-DELETE today. I had planned on spending a good deal of Wednesday working on it, but then something came up last minute and tore me away from my work.

I'll try to get it up tomorrow. Once again, I'm so sorry about this everyone. I try to keep a schedule these days, so not being able to meet that burns me up inside.

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Digimon Saga: CTRL-ALT-DELETE update · 3:24pm June 30th

So... good news and bad news.

The bad news is, no new chapter this week, as I was finishing up my story Chrono Reflect. That was a personal project of mine, so I had to see it through. Sadly, finishing it took my entire week so I didn't get to work on Digimon.

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