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Concerning the story so far... · 4:14am Oct 16th, 2013

So... I've put this off for a while, and I'm curious for the opinions on the few who care. I'm thinking of more or less dropping the Writing aspect of the Epic of Nyx, and instead replacing it with an animation version.

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792609 Thank you, and the blog is up if you wish to read it. Although it is mainly just basic logic I already stated, and asking for an opinion you already gave, so there is no real need.

>792601I'll keep it in mind, if i think of somethin i'll let ya know

792596 Understandable, and it would take considerably more time to make, but would be better quality. All the information and sides of each argument will be posted on a blog within a half hour. Either decision that is made it won't be finished soon and I have plenty of ideas. If you have any opinions or help, I'm open to assistance, you or anyone.

It would a very interesting and feels filled work of art, you'd be the first i think to do such a thing

i approve


sorry bout this comment, my reply button doesn't want to work

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