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The 7th pass of the Red Star over Pern heralded the beginning of the dragon's ancient duty to the people of Pern. Rider and dragon both, risked life and limb to meet their ancient foe in aerial battle, the mindless, silvery Thread which threatened to consume all life on their planet. Every fighting dragon is needed to sear the Thread in the sky before it can reach the ground, but mid-battle, an injured Bronze, a precious, newly mated golden Queen, and their riders, do not return to their Weyr from Between, and are instead transported to another world entirely. How will they cope, especially once the Queen lays her eggs. Only time will tell.


Based on the brilliant Chronicles of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey, a brilliant author of a brilliant series. I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, sci-fi or dragons :)

None of Anne McCaffrey's books take place during the 7th Pass, so the human and dragon characters are all my own creation.

For the purposes of this story, I'll stick to the show Canon up to the movies, I won't be using major story points from season 8 when it's out.

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Bon Bon has been having a good day, and there isn't much that could dampen her mood... Then she comes home to discover that her room mate has started a new religion.

A pony version of the comic Believe by Tom Taylor

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Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich have worked hard to create the greatest party ever, a party for the founding of Ponyville, and Luna's birthday among other things. This night will be perfect! But Pinkie finds that sometimes, life is not as it seems...

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In the Dustlands, you fight, or you die.

There are no laws in Moon's world. When her twin brother Sun is stolen, she pursues his captors beyond the only place she knew, and through a wild wasteland. She must become a warrior to survive. On this dangerous road she can trust nopony, not even the handsome thief who saves her life - and steals her heart.


This story is set about 4 to 5 hundred years after the event's of FiM, after technology advanced to beyond our current standards, and then war, famine and plague destroyed Equestria. Reading and writing are skills possessed only by ponies who worked hard to learn what all the funny little squiggles in the few still intact books meant. There is no money, only trade, and because of shortage of edible greenery, ponies have evolved to eat meat as a large part of their diet.

The spelling and grammar in this story will be an English teacher's nightmare, but it is in this style because the protagonist, and most every other character, are illiterate, and if they have mastered writing, there is no formalized way of grammar and spelling, like before Shakespeare's time.

This story is a ponified version of Moira Young's brilliant story Blood Red Road. As soon as I read it I wanted to read a ponified version of it, so I decided to write my own to share with the Brony community.


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Hello everypony and welcome to the 35th bi-annual Ponyville Hide and Seek Extraordinaire!� Mayor Mare announced into the microphone with much enthusiasm. The large crowd of nearly 1000 ponies stamped their hooves on the ground and cheered in applause.

�This well-loved tradition of the Hide and Seek Extraordinaire was started seventy years ago today, by Ponyville�s oldest resident, Granny Smith, who began the tradition when she was just fourteen, and Ponyville was still very small, an eighth of the size it is today!"

"The rules are simple, stay in the Ponyville area, don't go inside any buildings, no magic, no flying, and Have Fun!"

But what happens when Derpy doesn't hear the rules?


I hope you enjoy this story, I've had this idea for a long time, and it might take a while for me to add the next part.

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When one of Twilights teleportation spells goes haywire, the Mane 6 find themselves not in Canterlot, as was originally planned, but in the backyard of a house on the Gold Coast in Australia. In this house lives Rebecca, a Brony, who's family is on holiday.

Will Rebecca be able to help the Mane 6 get back to Equestria before her family gets home? Will the the Mane 6 want to go home? Will we ever understand why Pinkie Pie does what she does?... Probably not, but read on for he answers.

I'll try to upload a chapter each week, though with school and stuff it might not be possible. Enjoy!

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