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A collection of short stories and tales from the Egg Head's Guide to Mare Tales, or tails if you want to whimsical and quirky (whimsy and quirk not guaranteed with purchase). Each chapter a new story, anything and everything from horror, scifi, comedy, and back to horror again. Egg Head approved and tested at our top of the line slumber party test facilities in Canterlot. If your sleep overs are a bust after these please buy Egg Head's Guide to Finding New Friends.

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It takes a very special pony to rule. Peace can only be appreciated once somepony truly knows war, and in the days after the founding of Equestria there was only war. All of you know the story of Hearths Warming Eve, but few know the chapters of the mare's tale that tell of the alicorns, Celestia, and the team of warriors who become the first bearers of the elements of harmony. With the shaky alliance between the earth pony, pegasi, and unicorns reaching a critical point, and as Equestria begins to freeze once again, Celestia must finish the age old conflict and finally bring ever lasting peace to her home.

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