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My house is a library, my mind is a mess, and my imagination is boundless. I love writing and reading, love ponies, and now I'm doing both; I hope you enjoy my stories.


I have returned · 12:15pm Mar 25th, 2018

and i'm going to slam out a magnum opus after updating a 6 year old story for the current canon. There will be four books, each themed after the seasons starting with fall, and will be the core of the expanded universe. Look for posts in the following weeks, and remember to enjoy Luna's night if you're up writing or reading as late as me!


Story is up! · 12:46am Jan 3rd, 2013

The Moon and the Caterpillar is up! formatting should be alright, and it's a completed work. Enjoy!

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New Story, old problems · 11:21pm Dec 9th, 2012

As I have been occupied with school and other things most of this year, I have not had the time necessary to work on or finish my current posted story. Fortunately, on my downtime, I've been writing a new story to the current one, which is set prior to the events in Fire in the leaves, Fire in the mountains. I will hopefully be posting it up soon, and finally finishing up my only posted story before sending it off to the editors. Any input related to adding chapters in between those I have

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Update · 7:42am Jan 22nd, 2012

I've been a little slow on updating the final chapter for part one of this installment. I'm not sure how many more stories I'm going to make, but I'm going to keep the same characters and canon throughout. In regards to my tardiness, I've been trying to figure out the best way to follow up on such a cliffhanger as I made, and if you're smart and noticed everything in the story so far, you'll understand the difficulty of finding a good resolution to the whole thing. Be sure to comment, and

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Progress · 7:47am Dec 31st, 2011

Oh Celestia, I'm terrible at blogging...

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