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Is anyone else having trouble with a lot of the Javascript on FimFic? · 6:00pm Dec 6th, 2018

I can't:

  • preview posts
  • use the image or video shortcut buttons
  • add any story to a bookshelf I don't have set as visible by default
  • edit my bookshelves
  • use my groups page at all (nothing loads)

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S07E12 - Discordant Harmony (no spoilers) · 9:23am Jun 20th, 2017

I really liked this episode. If Fluttercord wasn't canon enough for anyone before, it sure as hell better be after this one.

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Spam campaign targets Google users with malicious link · 10:45pm May 3rd, 2017

I know I don't have a huge number of followers, but I'm hoping this spreads. It needs to be known, because so many FimFic authors use Google Docs.

[Google] warned its users to beware of emails from known contacts asking them to click on a link to Google Docs after a large number of people turned to social media to complain that their accounts had been hacked.


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S06E24 - Top Bolt (UK Airing, Spoilers) · 7:40am Oct 10th, 2016

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Season Finale UK Edition (Spoilers!) · 7:32am Oct 7th, 2016

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I'm not sure if I liked this episode or not. It wasn't bad, though. · 4:03pm Jun 4th, 2016

Zephyr Breeze, huh? First impression is that he's kind of a jerk, and from the preview he sounds like a douchebag hipster.

*rainbow horse noise*

Ok, so he is a douchebag and he's apparently he's always been a douchebag.

Uh oh, Flutters is starting to get mad!

It's not like we haven't had previously unheard of siblings appear before, but it's a bit odd that the rest of the mane six seem to know him already.

Doormat parents. Yep.

Fluttergrump. That's this episode.

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That was an alright episode. Not great, but it had its good bits. · 4:03pm May 28th, 2016

I don't remember if the spa twins have had a voice before or not. Maybe in Slice of Life.

I would have thought Rarity would have a spa buddy in Fluttershy moreso than AJ.

Prediction (during post-intro commercials): Applejack is going to be a silly pony in this episode.

Hm. I think that was the first use of "moons" for "months" in the show.

Oh hey, that looks like one of Twi's usual checklists. No big deal.

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Pretty good Rarity episode overall. · 4:01pm May 21st, 2016

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Sorry for the delay... · 6:33pm Jul 5th, 2015

I knew what I wanted to write not long after I finished the last chapter, but the lack of progress comes down to three things:

1. Not knowing exactly how to write what I wanted to write (I've mostly overcome this)
2. Complete lack of motivation to write
3. Abject laziness

I have in fact started on the next chapter, and I assure you it will get done... eventually. Hopefully it won't take another month.

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Sorta Stumped For Ideas, Help? · 4:30am May 27th, 2015

I'm a little stuck on ideas for the next chapter. I do have one idea, but it's for the end of the chapter and not even my idea anyway.

Next episode/chapter is One Bad Apple. I thought about having Axel helping with the parade floats but that just seems boring, and he can't very well hang out with the CMC. I could bring in more from Axe Cop (since that kind of thing happens to Displaced) but I'm not entirely sure what or how.

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