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"Nothing kills intimacy like bad puns during sex." ~Anonymous


This story is a sequel to If you got out into the woods today...

This is the Kinda-Sorta Sequel to "If you got out into the woods today..."
Pretty much the same concept, with a little bit extra worked in.

Applebloom is doing her chores when Manticores attack. You know what happens.

Warning: This story was caused by writer's block and pure undiluted madness. Proceed with caution and take it how you will. It contains little to no plot, skeleton on beast action, light gore, and some other stuff.
Have fun!

Cover art done by KingKostas. His art's pretty awesome, you should check it out!

Chapters (2)

When Fluttershy goes looking for a lost animal babe, she gets into trouble.
And is rescued by undead skeleton warriors.

It's exactly how it sounds.

Warning: This story was caused by sleep deprivation, writer's block, and pure undiluted madness. Proceed with caution and take it how you will. It contains little to no plot, skeleton and wolf action, and just pure craziness. Have fun!

Cover Art done by Emilyahedrick!

Chapters (2)

This story is purely meant for those warm feelings in your heart, chest, and brain. You have been warned!
Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!

Celestia and Luna have been wanting to spend time with one another since her return. With all of the madness of their royal duties weighing them down, Celestia barely gets enough time to herself.
Luckily, Luna has a wonderful idea for the both of them!
Now if only Celestia would stop turning green, things would be fine.

Warning!: Side effects of reading this story include

Chapters (2)

A weary Knight comes to rekindle the dying flames, to push back one more age of the dark. But he knows not how long he has been seated. To him time feels like a book, able to be picked up and put down at his own will. But when his tomb opens, how will the ponies react to a blood stained warrior of a time long past? How will he feel about the world's new populace?

He will be faced with monsters of old and new, reawakened demons, and familiar hollowed souls that will stop at nothing to claim his own soul and vanquish all those who are with him. Join the adventurer in his mission to stave off the dark, to link the flames, to save the new world before the Dark Sign may be forced upon them.

Dark Souls 2 & MLP Crossover
Warning: Lots of olden Speak and quite a bit of sword play, not the good kind.
Don't like it, don't read it.
((Featured on 4/27/2014 [Thank you all!]
Featured on 5/3/2014 [You are all crazy.]
Featured on 8/2/2014 {Insanity}))

Chapters (10)

What happens when Alicorns die? Do they fade off like us? Or does something else transpire?
(Cover art goes to the Talented Evehly on DeviantART)

Chapters (1)

A Writer has some trouble starting up a fic and gets some unexpected help from a few odd guests. This become silly rather fast.

A silly little short story I thought I'd write. It's a small tribute to all Authors out there who are affected by the awful Writer's block and boredom.
Warning: Contains silliness and ponies.
(Few other ponies and creatures in this story than the tags would allow me to put)

Chapters (1)

A new pony visits the quaint town of Ponyville in the middle of the day. He is a bit strange, but the ponies have had strange before. What could be so special about one Stallion?

(Title is simply a small joke)

Chapters (2)

They say a Dog or a cat would make a fine pet. But when someone asks you what you have as a pet? You just smile and say...

"I have a Changeling."


An adorable little Story about you and your Changeling!
(Second Person if you can't already tell)

This is just the product of my insane, insomnia induced thoughts. Read at your own risk.

Chapters (1)

There have been rumors of a child in the frozen wastes crying for it's mother. When ponies go to investigate, nothing is there. Princess Cadence catches wind of this and decides to take action. When she enters the frozen wastes, she finds more than just a child calling for it's mother.

Rated Teen for language in the future.
(Takes place before Twilight's Coronation. Will be added later on)

Chapters (3)
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