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Smexy Sombra

"Nothing kills intimacy like bad puns during sex." ~Anonymous

My thought Process?

It's a little something like this...

Epic Music

My Top Ponies

1. Vinyl Scratch & Princess Luna & Changelings

2. Nightmare Moon & Sombra & Chrysalis

3. Spitfire

Inspiring Words

Inspirational words:
"It takes not even a man, but a idea and time. The rest is merely a set course waiting to be tested. Much like the moon and it's orbit, we all await the future revolution." -Anonymous

"Shall you be the man who wields the weapon, or the weapon itself?" -Anonymous

"No one is better than anyone else just like everything else in existence, perfection is unattainable for you need balance between good and evil and imperfection to have it's true meaning" -Demon51423

"To be the sword that defends those who are the weakest is a great honor and the greatest curse, for the one who swings the blade is the one to truly be feared"- Anonymous

"A wise man once said that growing old in inescapable, growing up is optional." -Anonymous

"~There is Never truly an End, just a different story beginning~" -Little Big Pony
(Check this guy out, he has some amazing work)

Welcome to My lair

Please, make yourself at home.

A little about me.

My Good(?):
I am pretty quiet. I prefer to have my peace when necessary, but I still love hanging out with my friends. I hate others who think they are better than people because of what they have or what they can do. They may be better, but they don't need to give it to you like the devil gives a thirsty man a cracker.

My Faults:
I have mild hyper focusing problems and a caffeine addiction. I usually can't work well unless I am listening to music or doing something else to keep my mind busy. I have a insanely perverted mind.

Some other stuff about me.
Lastly, I am a Realist. I will take somethings literally and won't be able to understand awkward moments when they arise. Most of the time, I am breaking things down to their basic elements.

Want to know more? Feel free to ask!

What I like: Videogames in General, Dr.Pepper, Dragons, Mass Effect, DeadSpace, and last, but certainty not least, DARK SOULS

Fuck your shit, lautrec!!

A testament to Gamers everywhere, across the globe, near and far.

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Smexy where are you! Come back! :raritydespair:

so this is what happens when I image searched my avatar, great:facehoof:

great username btw, lol

Following just for the name.

It's coming along nicely! Just taking my time with it to make sure I enjoy what I am writing as well as making it a enjoyable read!

I hope I'm not being rude but how is the rewrite of smokey arrival coming?

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