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Magic Matt

b-back that shit up


Very useful notes · 11:33pm Dec 12th, 2013

uuhhh… Something about uhh… sawing off horns for a Mohawk or some super edgy shit like that. Ummm… Maybe we kill them all again… or for the first time, perhaps? Something something that magic bullshit actually healed them because I really can’t be bothered to write about them still being crippled and shit because that shit isn’t intense. Magic, I ain't gotta explain shit, bitch. Fucking spike, he is in their side now; the little fucker. And uhh.. He is like… He found god and shit, so he is all

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Yo mamma is GHEY

a- ay watchew say about my momma?

It's from that one fic me and Mr Foster are actually still writing. You know... The one with all the dislikes, plot holes and grammar errors. Here is the link to the full pic:

I've been meaning to ask about your profile picture.

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