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I'm a Brony who's also a Huge nerd I like Anime Video games Manga Cardfight Vanguard Yu-gi-oh 5D's Elder Scrolls music MLP and Backyard Wreslting

Is that a Twitch Link that is a Twitch link

Here's a little bit about me

Age 21

Jamie Madrox
Shaggy 2 dope

the south

Favorite ponies overall Countess Coloratura Vinyl Scratch Octavia Melody

Favorite Main six Twilight Sparkle

Favorite Dazzling Aira Blaze

Favorite Anime's

High School DXD


Akame ga kill

Trinity blood

Hellsing (original and Ultimate)

Sword Art Online

Yu gi oh 5D'S

CardFight Vanguard

Dragon ball Z

Seraph of the end Vanpire's Reign

Corpse Party

Favorite Video games Series

Assassins Creed



Elder Scrolls


Legend of Zelda


Saints row

Info on Shadow magic

Name Shadow Magic

Race Unicorn

age 25

born in


Current Residents


Occupation Necromancer (the time has come cannon) DJ (Razzle Dazzled Cannon)

Member of the Necrocouncil

Divorced from Twilight Sparkle

Shadow Magic is a Necromancer and a follower of Grogar. He is a member of a group known as the necrocouncil a group formed by Azatheon to bring forth the return of Grogar. He currently rules over ponyville after betraying the crown and prepares for when the rest of the Necrocouncil to arrive to attack Cantorlot. When the main six discovered he was a necromancer he murdered the Element of Kindness rendering them useless. But also keeps it in his mind that he did have a real Friendships with them, and it sometime causes his actions to backfire on him sometimes.

The reason Shadow Magic Chose the path of Necromancy instead of love and friendship, Is because of the loss of his mother and father. After they died Shadow was sent to live with his aunt in Cantorlot and seeing he had some what of a natural thing with magic as normal unicorns would have, she put him through Celestia's school for gifted unicorns where he found the books about Grogar and Azatheon and most of all necromancy. At age 9 he ran away and returned to manehatten to try and bring his parents back to life, failing thou in the process, sadden at the fact he could never see his parents again he did not know he actually attracted the attention of Azatheon, who appeared and decided to take Shadow under his wing and take him to the necrocouncil to train under all of them.

Shadow now is 23 years old, and is still not a full master at necromancy he sometimes has to still go to normal magic to get his work done or resort to his scythe. Shadow would soon go into hiding like the other necromancer's after they're sanctuary in the bad lands was overtaken by the changeling's as a breeding ground, he went to ponyville thinking the others were dead and would find refugee with Princess Sparkle, disguised as a normal unicorn who was a musician.

Although the Council showed him how to be better with his magic and harsh when it came to the outside world, Shadow was not afraid to admit it that he was still a normal unicorn. he shows it the most to Twilight and the rest of the Elements of Harmony when he was willing to help them in they're times of need.

The Real Truth about Shadow Magic

So I been thinking about showing the true the very True Side of Shadow Magic for a while now, and well I think its time that his real side is shown. Yes he is a Unicorn but.....He's also a Necromancer. Shadow is apart of a Necromancer council who supports Grogar and They are trying to bring back Tambelon so Grogar can return and Begin a reign Equestria. Yes Shadow Magic is really a Necromancer he's evil

My new Favorite pony of all time Countess Coloratura.

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