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I'm a Brony who's also a Huge nerd I like Anime Video games Manga Cardfight Vanguard Yu-gi-oh 5D's Elder Scrolls music MLP and Backyard Wreslting

Is that a Twitch Link that is a Twitch link

Here's a little bit about me

Age 21

Jamie Madrox
Shaggy 2 dope

the south

Favorite ponies overall Countess Coloratura Vinyl Scratch Octavia Melody

Favorite Main six Twilight Sparkle

Favorite Dazzling Aira Blaze

Favorite Anime's

High School DXD


Akame ga kill

Trinity blood

Hellsing (original and Ultimate)

Sword Art Online

Yu gi oh 5D'S

CardFight Vanguard

Dragon ball Z

Seraph of the end Vanpire's Reign

Corpse Party

Favorite Video games Series

Assassins Creed



Elder Scrolls


Legend of Zelda


Saints row

Info on Shadow magic

Name Shadow Magic

Race Unicorn

age 25

born in


Current Residents


Occupation Musician

Member of Heavy horror metal band Lunar Chapel

Current relationship Dating Octavia Melody

Divorced from Twilight Sparkle

Shadow Magic grew in Manehatten in a musical family, His father was in a Jazz band and his mother was a professional Pianist. he discovered his passion for music at Sixteen when he and 7 other of his friends did they're concert as a masked heavy metal band dedicated to Luna. Now he and his friends are one of the most popular acts in Equestria. Shadow was also long time friends with Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch, But after his divorce from Twilight Sparkle, Shadow has locked up his Emotions within his mask as he did not want to get hurt again. Octavia heard of what Shadow, has been doing from his band mates. She removed his mask and showed him loved once again after harboring feelings for him since high school