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2017? How'd that happen? · 6:19pm Sep 2nd, 2017

So, I guess it’s time for the annual (plus a bit) FiMFiction check-in.

Hallo, everyone! *waves madly*

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I do hope you come back someday.

I thought I'd just post a comment reminding you that your stories are lovely.:twilightsmile:

Thank you! I shall endeavour to employ it to write further horse words for your delectation.

Tiny human. I read "Good Intentions." I appreciated it immensely. Please enjoy an extended lifespan.

No, just renovating an old house built by these guys in their spare time.
Among other things - and then there's the day job.
All in all, the odds of 'epic bat-pony adventure' ever being finished are receding faster than Captain Picard's hairline...

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ODT files, LibreOffice, and BBCode – A Simple Solution · 8:58am Sep 20th, 2014

Something I have struggled with on this site since joining is trying to get my text from the word processor into the story page in approximately the same format as it left. I have tried Gdocs, only to have the importer subtly mangle things, screw up the formatting and randomly miss out chunks of text. I searched for ages trying to find some sort of converter or extension, because SURELY I can't be the only one with this problem, but had no luck at all. In the end, I gave up and resorted to

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