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Dinky Hooves knew she was different to the other ponies in her class. she just couldnt seem to understand things the way the others did, and because of this, they avoided her. She could'nt find a single friend, except Mummy. Derpy and Dinky would have great times together, playing, baking, and doing just about everything they set their minds too. Derpy loved Dinky, even if no one else did.

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Mark and James are brothers, loyal, but when they are seperated after a terrible accident, Mark awakens in Equestria, not knowing where he is or how he got there. Badly wounded, Mark stumbles around for help before collapsing to the ground. beginning to accept his fate, he gives in, only to be saved by the element of kindness. Adapting to his new life is hard, but he just cant cope with losing his one and only brother.

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