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Hey there everypony! Solar Bolt here nice to meet you all and I hope we can become great friends and maybe talk too, I'm an athletic/tomboyish mare. I do EG/Pony version Rp's in Pm.


This has got to stop and now. · 8:31am November 21st

Here we go again as someone is trying to troll all of us again on here as all you have to do is look on the feed and see the ones with something of a picture of Trixie fat. Please get word of any trollers you see on here to the staff on here as soon as possible or as soon as you see a troller post on the feed as their not supposed to be here or doing that kind of stuff at all.

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Help this author with his/her story their writing as he/she really could use the help. · 7:11am September 24th

So the authors name on here as well as their fimfiction name is AbleGabriel and she is looking for some help as well as advice on a story centured around the walking dead as she wrote a blog about it on the site here today and Wednesday asking for help but sadly no one hasn't responded to it and it pains me to see that no one would want to help out a fellow Brony/Pegasister with a story even if it's not pony related.:twilightangry2:

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Rp anypony? · 7:33am Dec 10th, 2016

Hey sorry I haven't been on all day as I'm very busy what with it being the holidays and all? But I'm available for Rp's between 12-4am certain nights on here in pms whenever i can get on that is what with the way my work schedule is sometimes? But you catch my drift, anyways if your all interested in rping with me as my oc in pms please don't hesitate to pm me about what Rps we can do as I'm down for any type of Rp.

Here's what Rps I'll do and won't do:

I'll do things such as:
1. Eqg

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