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Hey there everypony! Solar Bolt here nice to meet you all and I hope we can become great friends and maybe talk too, I'm an athletic/tomboyish mare. I do EG/Pony version Rp's in Pm.


Going to be unavailable from time to time. · 11:56pm Dec 16th, 2016

Hey there everypony going to leave my account to Online here but will be unavailable from time to time even if I'm not available to chat etc but whenever I can I'll pop on in to see what's going on as well as reply to Rp'S I have going on in Pms too okay?



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Rp anypony? · 7:33am Dec 10th, 2016

Hey sorry I haven't been on all day as I'm very busy what with it being the holidays and all? But I'm available for Rp's between 12-4am certain nights on here in pms whenever i can get on that is what with the way my work schedule is sometimes? But you catch my drift, anyways if your all interested in rping with me as my oc in pms please don't hesitate to pm me about what Rps we can do as I'm down for any type of Rp.

Here's what Rps I'll do and won't do:

I'll do things such as:
1. Eqg

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Open for Rp's in pms or to just talk if anypony wants? · 6:04am Dec 6th, 2016

Hey just a reminder here that I'm available for Rp's right now since I'm online for pms alright everypony don't be afraid to pm me for a Rp there or to just talk kay?

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I'm Back Everypony! I missed you all so much... · 7:52am Dec 5th, 2016

Hey everyone/pony SolarBolt here been awhile actually, it's been years heh. Anyways I'm back and ready to chat, talk, Rp, etc with those that I've missed on here but I'll be looking to do new ones should anypony be interested in pms alright?

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Follow my new friend: · 8:59am Oct 12th, 2015

Everypony please follow my new friend on here her name is Clever Twilight. I'm sure she would like to meet you all thanks.


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