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Rarity fianlly sums up the courage to tell Spike that she is too old for him. Spike, depressed by this, takes up her words and then searches for a new love interest out there, but to his surprise it is with somepony that nopony would ever suspect.

((Art by Swift Melody ))
((Inspired by Mallajong's Spike's series, who was too busy to make this one "And probably due to his account getting banned yet again..." so I took it up and decided to make it. ))

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After losing Canterlot to the Changlings, the mane 6,Spike, and a few others had no choice but to abandon Equestria and jump borders into the Badland's (where the dragons live.) There they create refugee camps, and in these refugee camps each holder of the elements of harmony guard a specific part to the camps....Five years later the group befriends the dragons and they agree to aid there strategy to take back Equestria. With the aid of an Alicorn, A army of dragons, with the leadership of Spike, and the advantage the ponies could finally go home, they could finally go back to Equestria.

All thanks for the drawing go to AssasinMonkey.

older Spike X Rarity shipping with in it with a shipping between my OC, and Fluttershy later on in the fiction.
Rated T for mild violence, Language, and Alcohol use
Taking place in A alternate time line, of the season 2 finale...

Chapters (4)
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