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I'm a beginner writer and I hope being here will help improve my writing skills.

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Well, who would have thought I'd fall for a tomcolt? I sure didn't, especially with all that's happened. Me becoming a princess, getting new studies and duties. Love and relationships were the last thing on my mind. Well, they were, until a certain rainbow maned pegasus changed that. A harmless, little trip turned into one of the craziest and most memorable adventures I've had... and I'll never forget it.

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It's the day of Hearth's Warming Eve. Twilight is preparing for the holiday when a surprise guest comes to her house. It turns out to be Princess Luna and she wants to spend Hearth's Warming Eve with Twilight and her friends. Twilight accepts and the two decide to have a slumber party! Little do the two of them know that a deep secret that both of them had will be revealed to each other. Will the secret bring them closer or tear them apart?

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Princess Luna has had a secret hidden away for a long time. No pony knows of it, not even Celestia. Now her secret has come back to haunt her. She will have many tough challenges to face and difficult decisions to make. These actions could lead to Equestria's demise, or prosperity. Will she be able to overcome the challanges, or will she fail?

My first fic hope you all enjoy and constructive critisism is welcome!

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