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Hey :>

Yeah, I'm back. Hit me up if you need anything, got some free time 'till 1. September.

Was a bit of a hassle to get my provider to move my internet-connection along with me :| other than that, I am good :)

89563 Hey bro. Sorry for deleting my clopfics. I simply was getting tired of having a double standard in my life concerning my moral beliefs and the controversy that writing it was causing my poor mind. I am, however, going to be doing a rather massive project soon. I'll inform you more via PM. I'm trying to keep it among a tight circle right now.

Sooo, I gotta ask: Do you plan on writing another story in the foreseable future? If it happens in August, I will be able to do some editing on it to make it a bit more enjoyable, if you wish.
Contact me by PM if you have got something.

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