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Everything ripped apart in a Cloudsdale minute... Fleetfoot is a pony with nothing to lose in peaceful, utopian Equestria. A hard-boiled detective considered insane, and now questioned by therapists and teammates. She is a mare taken out of her context, fighting a battle she cannot hope to win. Prepare for a story with shameless metaphors and extravagant descriptions. Prepare for canon...

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My name is Intimus.
When I woke up in this hotel room, I could not recall anything from my life before.
Someone has locked the door and made me their prisoner.

Even though the city beyond my window is engulfed in fog, I can see the sun rise and fall in little less than a couple of hours.
In my dreams, the nightmares never cease in their efforts to kill me.
A mad stallion on an unrelenting vendetta.
A prudent pony who throws my questions right back at me.
Strangers claiming to be incarnations of friends and family I cannot even recall.

I do not know what to believe anymore. All I want to do is get out of here.
Somebody... please rescue me!

Chapters (6)
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