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Vimbert the Unimpressive

Ex-EqD pre-reader who doesn't like shipping that much but seems to write a lot of it.

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Story rec · 5:56am March 27th

Yes, I'm still around occasionally. I can be summoned via PM.

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  • The End of Ponies A lone pony of a Wasteland future Equestria finds a way to visit her dead friends in the past. by shortskirtsandexplosions 527,556 words · 28,401 views · 1,900 likes · 63 dislikes
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  • Composure What could be revealed when the mask called composure slips? Twilight and Celestia romance by Varanus 91,837 words · 27,895 views · 2,112 likes · 49 dislikes
  • My Time Among Clothes Hangers Sometimes, the hardest person to come out of the closet to is yourself. by Kegisak 15,640 words · 7,505 views · 202 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Happily Ever After Shining Armor will do anything to save his marriage. Anything. by Benman 2,697 words · 7,720 views · 488 likes · 13 dislikes

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