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No problem! It'd be cool if we can talk again some time later. About whatever.

1997344 Good to know, thanks for the heads up!

1997323 The highlight is to show which recent comment you've clicked to see.
And it sounds like you've put a lot of good effort into making these. I'm sure if you keep pushing this idea they might reconsider. Although remember they're not complete professionals and can get very annoyed.

How do you get a blue highlight over your comment!?
edit: nvm that seems to be from me clicking on my notifications..huh. #themoreyouknow

I digress, It takes a while, though I have sped up the process a bit. Right now it takes about 3 hours, sometimes 2 if I'm just doing an update and only need to add a month of data and change data label positions around on the charts.

Usually the process is
1) get numbers from bronystories and put into excel
2) update all 9 linecharts/barcharts/hybrids/tables with the appropriate ranges and data
3) check if the data labels are readable (because you know they're always crammed together)
4) sometimes hunt for new vectors to change expressions of ponies in barcharts
5) resize vectors and edit out their backgrounds/unnecessary extras. Sometimes slightly adjust their color palette (sorry original artists)
6) open final charts in Gimp, adjust scale, layer on source text and export
7) upload to onedrive to host online (so they can be linked in fimfiction)
8) post to bronystories and finish

One thing that would save a lot of time is to embed the charts in fimfiction directly (html code). Then people could click on the charts and play with the ranges themselves, and do a bunch of other things. Microsoft has ready-to-go embedded code allows you could just copy and paste to a blog to show each individual chart, and I did try to get the admins' attention to enable this feature, but I haven't been able to have dialogue with them yet.

1397374 microsoft excel, tried and true! You can actually take chart formatting pretty far in it. I also use Gimp to convert the charts, size them, do all the post processing stuff, and host the images online on onedrive. Used to use imgur but unless you get a paid account you're limited to 200 images, which if you're making all these charts it catches up fast

Sorry about taking a whole 55 weeks to reply by the way LOL. wish fimfiction would send me notification emails

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