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I never thought i'd die. I was kind of hoping i'd live forever. But here I am, a very dead ghost.

Oh, and all those stories you hear about ghost? Made up. I can do next to none of all the cool ghost things you hear about. Flying? Nope. Moving stuff? Nah. Walking through walls? Are you nuts?

So here I am, trapped where i died, and not even able to do any cool ghost stuff to have fun. But i'm going to find a way to have fun. I'm going to find an adventure, even if it kills me again.

AN: So I just wrote this on a whim. I don't know where i'm going with it, but hopefully somewhere fun.

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Years ago, the world went up in flames. No-one wanted to die, and ponies would have done anything to survive. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that one pony with a lot of money and influence decided that he was too good to die. He decided that he should be the one to outlive the end of the world. He created a secret lab, and hired many scientist in secret to create a cloning process. One that would activate centuries later. But of course, as with all under the table deals, corners were cut, money was saved, and the process was rushed. So what happens when that clone, the product of an incomplete process wakes up in hell with no conscious memories having made it through the process. Will he remember? And what if he does, What then? Will he try to redeem himself, or will he use his knowledge to become another monster in a world already full of them?

Chapters (1)