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Okay, Last Last LAST update. · 4:42pm Dec 13th, 2012

So, Cutie Marks of Chaos has been on indefinite Hiatus for the past 8 or so months. This is my fault.

I'm working as best as I can, I just need to relax for a bit till now that my Finals are over. Also need to find my flash drive because it contained the fully edited scene I posted a while back in a previous blog. If worst comes to worse, I'll use that.

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LAST UPDATE, I PROMISE. · 3:30pm Nov 16th, 2012

So after the fiasco of my laptop's screen being bitchslapped by the corner of a ceramic tile and breaking, I'm back with my hard-drive in a new laptop, and working on writing. It took me a while to get my muse back up again, but now I'm doing Cutie Marks of Chaos once more in addition to a side project.

What is this sideproject, you may ask?

Well, it involves Ponies, and a certain City of the guilds...

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GOD*YAY*NG DAMNIT · 7:18pm Oct 31st, 2012

I fucking dropped a ceramic tile on my laptop's screen by accident. Now I'm without a personal computer till I get it fixed. On top of that, Hurricane Sandy has left my township without power for the next week.

Just... goddamnit... More fucking Delays.

Update: Okay, so the damage to my lappy's screen is bad, but I can easily fix it. It'll just take some time.

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One Final Update · 5:47pm Oct 25th, 2012

Last one I SWEAR.

Writing Mojo has returned to full capacity, slowly working on Chapter 5. Will be ready before (or on) Christmas.

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More Delays (This has been happening alot, hasn't it?) · 1:58pm Oct 9th, 2012

Hello readers of Cutie Marks of Chaos, enjoying yourselves?

Yes, as you can see by the title, Cutie Marks of Chaos is undergoing another delay. What's this one, like the 15th one? Ah buck it, I lost count. Now, I could bore you with the list of excuses I have to explain why I'm being delayed again, but instead, I'll whip it down to two vital reasons why Chapter 5 has taken over 6 months to work on.

1. My Job at Burger King

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AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING! · 6:06pm Sep 28th, 2012

FOUND MY FLASHDRIVE! Cutie Marks of Chaos is now back on track!

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Inactive, but still writing. · 6:51pm Aug 28th, 2012

Hey followers of Cutie Marks of Chaos. I'm sorry, I've been taking so long with chapter 5. I've been re-writing it over and over again trying to get everything right. Also dealing with smidgets of depression.

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Cutie Marks of Chaos Preview · 8:23am Jun 22nd, 2012

“Don't you see! Both of your monarchs have fallen to the might of Chaos! There is no other path!" Trixie cackled, tossing her head back as she lorded herself over Luna's prone body. The Alicorn remained unmoving...

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On Recent Times: · 4:47pm Jun 5th, 2012

Well, yet another journal providing a number of excuses why Cutie Marks of Chaos is taking forever to work on.

I've been writing alot of these, haven't I?


...Thank you Pinkie. Anyway, onto the list:

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Update · 2:53pm May 28th, 2012

The progress of CMoC is (once again) going to stall, on account of the fact that my great grandmother died recently due to a heart attack. Progress (no, not that one) will resume once I get my composure back together.

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