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The sea is a dangerous place, full of monsters, marines, and pirates. Over the years many a pony has risen up from nothing to become a legend. These are the stories of those ponies.

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This story is a sequel to A Day in the Limelight

The third story in the Background Pony series.

Three weeks after the incredibly odd night involving being kidnapped, moving statues, and an apocalypse, things are starting to return to normal for Lyra. Well, as normal as things are for a member of Luna's secret task force. Sadly, the respite from weirdness is broken by their patron princess. Ponies are disappearing in Whitetail Woods, and they're on the clock to find out what's behind it, and neutralize it if possible.

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So, there's this tumblr called Thirty Minute Pony Stories, full of fun prompts where you read one, and then have 30 minutes to write it. So I did a bunch of random ones. And here they are! Below are the actual synopsis and tags for each story.

#41: Memories of the Sun
Tags: I have no idea.
Synopsis: Celestia remembers.

#52: The Show's About to Start
Tags: Tragedy(?)
Synopsis: Trixie becomes great and powerful.

#74: A Special Engagement
Tags: Romance
Synopsis: Pinkie Pie's peculiar proposal

#191: A Cry for Help
Tags: Comedy
Synopsis: Dear Elements of Harmony...

#550: Itty-Bitty Living Space
Tags: College AU
Synopsis: Two or more of the Mane Six move in together.

#522: Reign Names
Tags: My Current Canon Kinda, Exposition Stuff
Synopsis: Celestia and Luna have not always been called the same names in every place and in every age.

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This story is a sequel to A Day in the Limelight

It's been a couple months since the Monkey Invasion, and Ponyville has settled down to...normal? During that time The Other Mane 6 have been busy. Now taking a well-deserved break, they try and relax. Luckily, these shadowy sentinels are around when the attack from horrible mo-wait no. The Bearers are taking care of that. Well, what about these strange statues tha-nope. The Doctor and companions are here for that one. Can these heroes just take a break and let other ponies handle it?

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Due to the many times they have saved both Ponyville and Equestria, the Mane 6 is getting a weekend vacation, all expenses payed, from the town. When something attacks the town, it's up to the minor characters to save the townsfolk and themselves.

THERE IS A SEQUEL HERE: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/50052/The-Zeppos

Originally this was written as a script for the Summer Funimation Screenwriting Contest, and I'm working on rewriting in as a fanfic. The change is style requires a change in mindset, so please give feedback to help me with the process.

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