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Story lover, enthusiastic nerd, hopeful romantic. Here to hone my craft and, hopefully, make you smile. For my non-pony writing, check out my Tumblr. If you'd like to chat, Twitter's my jam.

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My Readers Rock! · 6:31am Apr 26th, 2015

Thank you so much, everyone! Ever since I wrote A Fragile Heart a year ago I've been consistently and pleasantly surprised by the love it's received from readers. I'm still blown away that Scribbler recorded a dramatic reading, and now with this Royal Canterlot Library feature my little story about Sad Fry Pony officially has more views than it has words, which is incredible. On top of that, there are now 60 of you crazy, excellent people following me, which is a number I never imagined I'd see

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That moment when you find someone with a very similar username as you. :rainbowderp:

Small world.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I figured one less story to read was a good idea. Plus I'm not eligible for prizes, so it doesn't matter. :V

Well hello! Just stumbled across your duck story in my search for the other Trotcon speedfics and I've gotta say, I'm glad you put it up here even though we didn't get to read it out loud. That ending cracked me up.

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Ohai there :D

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