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Pokemon, Digital Monsters. · 6:43pm Aug 8th, 2013


So, Pokemon is introducing new 'Mega' forms to several old pokemon. This explains Mewtwo's new form. So far these seem to be in battle only, and add a new type onto some of them in the case of Ampharos who becomes dragon-electric.

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365 Days · 1:13am Jul 25th, 2013

Oh hey, I've been here a year since yesterday! Didn't realize till just now. Wow, a whole year of reading amazing pony fanfiction, and almost a whole year of writing it. Actually I spent yesterday finally watching Equestria Girls. Yes, I'm that late. It was pretty good, I won't lie. There were a few things that bugged me, but I won't get into them right now. However, my biggest concern is:

Where the hell was Shining Armor?

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Schedules · 5:01am Jul 12th, 2013

Sometimes, there are stories that just take the forefront of your mind and stay there for a very long time. There are some stories you just enjoy writing more than others.

Sunset of Time was one such story for me.

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Victory! · 6:06am Jun 20th, 2013

Sunset of Time featured on Equestria Daily on June 16th! Step one to total domination complete.

Next stop: the feature box!

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And so it came to pass... · 9:03pm May 13th, 2013

So yeah, Sunset Shimmer being in the Equestria Girls movie is now a reality. Something I was hoping would not happen. I'm still trying to process my feelings for this. Right now I'm mostly upset because this has the potential to roast my story alive in the fires of canon... if it is canon. If not, this could still have some potential consequences. I don't even know right now.

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Stories to write and things to do · 10:30pm Mar 22nd, 2013

It just occurred to me that my new story Friends of a Feather is my first 'completed' story ever. Yes technically it's a one shot but still, seeing the completed tag fills me with a senese of accomplishment. And in one day it has more views and upvotes than The Wonderbolts Cup go figure.

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Concordia story updates · 5:41am Feb 24th, 2013

Hey guys, first let me just say thank you for liking my story so far. You guys are the reason why I keep writing and why I want to make this the best story it can possibly be. To that end I have made some updates. Here they are:
1. Changed the prologue so it's just the first chapter instead and renamed it.
2: Added a whole new scene at the end of chapter II.

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