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Postscript: Spectacular Seven, Volume II · 4:55am July 3rd

Oh thank God, it's finally over!

Hey guys, that was a thing, wasn't it?


I have thoughts and feelings. See thoughts, rants and spoilers for Volume II below. And maybe some tidbits about Volume III.

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Follow-Up Fun Time: Shadow Play part 2, or, The Most Ambitious Crossover in MLP History! · 9:31pm June 24th

There was an idea... to bring together a group of remarkable ponies... to see if they could become something more...

You're quoting The Avengers.

Yes, thank you, Twilight!

Oh, was I not supposed to interrupt? Sorry, I'm still new to this.

Sigh. Let's check in with Equestria's mightiest heroes... and Sunburst.

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Follow-Up Fun Time: Shadow Play part 1, or, Fate of the Unknown · 11:18pm June 15th

Umm... hello. I'm Twilight Sparkle. The, umm, not princess one. I guess some of you call me Sci-Twi? It's kind of endearing. Umm, you see, I'm here because Sunset is... not available right now, and Mr. Albinocorn—

Twi, please stop calling me 'Mr.' It makes me feel old.

Right, sorry! The Albinocorn needed someone to make a follow-up with him. He calls it 'color commentary.'

It's funny 'cause, your part will be in purple.

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Chapter 18 · 8:28pm June 9th

Will not be out today.

You guys have caught up to me in the story. I have not had the proper amount of time to edit chapter 18 (and it needs a lot because, reasons) and I still need to hand it to my editor. So, no Spectacular Seven today. I might not wait until next Saturday to post it and just drop it when it's ready, but, we'll see.

There are only two chapters left before the volume finale, which, like Volume 1, will be broken into three parts and handed out over one weekend.

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Print Run: Limit Break! · 5:27pm June 8th

Good news, everyone!

Thanks to finagling by Lezvion, we've found a way to break through Paypals dumb wallet limit. Basically, we stopped using Paypal and switched to a different provider.

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Print Runs and Paypals · 7:23pm May 27th

Hey all!

So, a lot of you have brought to my attention that you have been receiving this error message when attempting to buy Long Road to Friendship (never thought I'd use those words in a sentence).

We're sorry. We can't complete this transaction. The recipient has exceeded their receiving limit and must provide more information to raise the limit.

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Long Road to Friendship: Print Run · 8:09pm May 25th

Remember way last year when I said a print version of Long Road to Friendship was in development?

It's ready!

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Everfree Northwest 2018 Midnight Retrospective · 10:12am May 22nd

Really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

I had one hell of a weekend. If I had to put it succinctly, I would call it emotionally intense. It had its highs and its lows. But Overall, I had fun.

You guys know I'm not good at putting my own feelings into words. I'm even worse at doing it in person. But below the break, here me try to describe my experience at Everfree, plus, a few surprises as well.

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Everfree Northwest Schedule · 10:16pm May 17th

For anyone here who is planning on attending EFNW this week and you actually want to see me make a fool of myself, here's a complete list of all the panels I'll be on.

Friday May 18, 2018

12:45pm-1:45pmTwilight’s Writing Room
Writer's Block

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Follow-up Fun Time: Movie Magic, or, Those Meddling Kids! · 10:17pm April 26th

Yeah, I'm skipping Dance Magic. I had little to talk about, and a fourth of it is just the music video. I can't work with that.

It was cute, but this is a lot more fun. I'll take cheesy mystery over a music video any day.

So, without further ado! Lights, camera, follow-up!

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