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Seattle Takes Center Stage! · 7:45pm Sunday

Been meaning to mention this for a while, since it was officially announced, but you know, been out of it.

I will be joining the community guests at Everfree Northwest next month! They thought it would be a good idea to put me on writing panels. Can't wait to prove them wrong!

Panels include: Writing into the Sunset, hosted by Oroboro. The Shipping Express, Crash Course on Creative Writing, Writer's Block, and Vexed by Villains!

It's gonna be a long weekend.

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Follow-up Fun Time: Friendship is Magic part 2, or, Through the Looking Glass · 10:10pm 6 days ago

Our descent into madness continues! An episode in, and I was genuinely intrigued. Yes, the writing was a little cheesy at times, but these ponies were cute. And now, we're dealing with some eldritch evil that wants to create an everlasting night.

Or as the citizens would later recall it as, Tuesday.

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Follow-up Fun Time: Friendship is Magic part 1, or, Down the Rabbit Hole · 1:34am April 12th

Can we get back to follow-ups?



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A Long Road to a Place Called Happiness · 8:41pm April 11th

Last blog, I said I was slowly getting better, just a little burned out.

The very next day, I began to fall apart.

One week later, I'm picking up the pieces and trying to put them all back in the right place.

Next week... well, who knows.

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A Delayed Response · 11:27am April 3rd

I meant to write this like, a week ago. Maybe I was waiting for some grand epiphany to hit me and for light to just swell through me so I could burst back and say everything was great again.

Something like that sort of happened.

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Everything Wrong with The Albinocorn in One Blog or Less · 9:39pm March 22nd

I type like I talk, fast, filled with lots of errors, 'um,' and ellipsis, and often dissolves into a ramble. This is pretty much going to be a ramble. My sister told me whenever I'm feeling down or have a lot on my mind, I should write it all down. And because that's been a common thing amidst my friends recently, here it as a blog post I may or may not hit enter for.

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Hiatus · 3:50am March 12th

Aside from Spectacular Seven because those chapters have already been written, all other stories are on hiatus until meh.

Self-esteem is at an all time low.
Inferiority complex is at an all time high.

I just finished my last paper before spring break. Imma go do something other than write and not feel guilty about it.


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End of the Month Progress: January · 3:27am February 1st

I edited...

That's about it.

Details below!

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Spectacular Seven Volume II · 11:48pm January 19th

Is halfway through editing!

Just a quick blog so y'all can take a peak behind the curtain. See a few of my thought processes and get a sense of what you're in for this volume and how things progress from here on in.

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Year End Review-2017 · 8:44pm Dec 31st, 2017

First, a signal boost for Horizon. Sexual assaults occur, even at conventions, and I'm saddened and ashamed to hear even at pony conventions. This is not okay. Give his blog a read for the full story, and just be aware.

On a slightly happier note, let's look back at 2017 and the roller coaster it's been.

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